I cobbled this recipe together from several sources, and wrote down what I was doing as I did it, so be warned, if you find it and try it, that I haven’t tested it again after writing it down. You should be fine, in any case, since seasonings are to taste (feel free to substitute other spices for the mace and almond extract) and flour is added “as needed.” (more…)

Sweet potato cornbread

I use this primarily for sweet potato cornbread dressing. See Basic Southern Conrbread for more about cornbread. (more…)

Cranberry nut bread

As often happens, I started with a recipe from the King Arthur Flour 200th Anniversary Cookbook and then tweaked it until I got what I wanted. A note: the orange juice gives the bread great flavor, but leaves it a little crumbly. Don’t try to slice this until it has cooled fully, and if the texture bothers you, try using more oil and less juice. (more…)

Apple-walnut muffins

My mother made apple muffins occasionally when I was a kid (always with chicken, for reasons I never understood), and though I have her recipe the muffins I made never tasted as good as the ones I remembered. Eventually I started over and rebuilt them around the way I actually bake… hence the buttermilk. I still make them for dinner, though, and not for breakfast. I still don’t have a good reason for that. (more…)

Hot cross buns

These are the buns I bake every year for Easter morning breakfast. The recipe is adapted from The King Arthur Flour 200th Anniversary Cookbook, but the combination of spices and flavorings is borrowed from a bun I ate years ago (I don’t recall where). I’m considerably condensing the bread-making instructions here, assuming that you already know about things like kneading and rising. (more…)

Pretty good banana bread

Banana bread should taste good, but it is fundamentally a frugal way to use up overripe bananas and not an exercise in gourmet cooking. This loaf will make a better snack than anything you can get from the vending machine, and it will be ready to bake by the time the oven is hot. What more do you want? (more…)


These are basic, reliable buttermilk pancakes. Note that they’re unsweetened; you’re going to be pouring syrup over top of them anyway! (more…)

Basic southern cornbread

This is an all-corn, unsweetened cornbread. You must use fine-ground meal; coarse-ground meal never fully cooks, and without some flour to smooth it out, the bread is crumbly and gritty. Look for “stone ground” or “water ground” on the package, and you will probably need to buy white cornmeal, since yellow is usually coarser. (more…)